Video Parking Guidance System

ZKTeco’s Video Parking Guidance System provides a complete solution for small parking lots and multi-story car parking. The system offers drivers’ precise parking guidance through parking guidance cameras. Through this guidance system, drivers can effortlessly search the parking location. They can also
search the vehicle location through Vehicle Search Kiosk.

Common Challenges in Parking Lots

Video Parking Guidance System Solution Design

Video Parking Guidance System Architecture

Key Features of Video Parking Guidance System

Accuracy of Parking Spaces

The Outdoor Parking Lot Vacancy Display shows the parking availability in real-time. Once the vehicles reach the parking area entrance, the parking detection system will display the real-time occupancy of parking lots, thus helping the drivers park the vehicles without any mess.

Clear LED Guidance for Parking

The Indoor Parking Guidance Display fits the indoor car parking area. The LED indicator displays the available parking lots, and the drivers can effortlessly follow the signs to reach the parking lot.

Vehicle Detection with Parking Guidance Camera

ZKTeco’s Parking Guidance Cameras are mounted at ceilings to detect and show real-time occupancy. For example, a red LED indicates that parking lots are fully filled, and a green LED indicates that parking lots are available.

Color Indication of Parking Lot Status

The indicator lights of the Parking Guidance Cameras can be configured to display various colors as per the requirements. The indicator can be configured to display the status of the parking lot with Disabled users, VIP’s, Reserved, Unlicensed, or Parking over the line, etc.

Variants of Parking Guidance Cameras

LPRC300-A detects and monitors one to three bays while the LPRC300B camera has dual lens technology which can detect and monitor six parking lots at the same time.

Find Your Car

ZKTeco’s Car Parking Solution allows the drivers to search their vehicles through Vehicle Search Kiosk. It is integrated with Car Parking System so that the cars can be detected in real-time. The drivers can simply enter the car number, and the Kiosk will display the location on a 2D map as well as the shortest path to reach the location.

Key Technology

License Plate Recognition

The License Plate Recognition Technology is based on the real-time application of computer video image recognition technology for license plate identification. The license plate is recognized by incorporating license plate recognition algorithm and various processes such as license plate extraction, image processing, region location, tilt correction, binarization, character segmentation, feature extraction, and database matching. The final outputs are license plate number, color and other related information.

Highly Integrated Guidance Terminal

No special tool is required to connect all the cameras when installing ZKTeco’s Parking Solution. With its unique design, the PoE (Power over Ethernet) technology makes the connection simple. Just plug the cable in, and it provides the camera with both data connection and electric power.

Management Center

Real-time Monitor

• Round the clock monitoring of entrance and parking lot status
• Supports remote opening of barrier gates and manual release
  of specific cars
• Supports Blocklist and Allowlist

Centralized Management

• Parking spaces can be easily configured on the map
• Efficient configuration and monitoring of all devices


Parking Space Management

The lighting of the detector camera can be adjusted according
to the parking time. Users can view the parking occupancy
status at any time.

Parking Statistics

Statistical reports are generated for total parking time, parking revenue rate, parking flow and many more data.


Product Introduction


License Plate Recognition Camera

• Life-time service for Algorithm updates
• Free SDK


• High reliability and long life
• Quick and stable
• Minimum maintenance
• Chassis equipped with traffic light

High Performance Fast Barrier Gate


Vehicle Detection Radar

• Anti-smash and automatic boom 
  closing function
• Adjustable detection range


UHF 6 Pro

• Reading range up to 18m
• Long-distance permanent vehicle
  access management
• Supports 865MHz to 868MHz and
  902MHz to 928MHz

Ultra-Long Range RFID Reader

InBio Pro

Access Controller

• Advanced built-in Access Controller
• Internal Biometric Identification


• Clear Display of available parking spaces
• Representation in form of arrows and digits
  from 000 to 999

Entry Parking Guidance Display

DS 1/2/3

Indoor Parking Guidance Display

• Clear Display of available parking spaces
• Representation in form of arrows (three
  directions available) and digits from
  000 to 999


• Built-in License Plate and Vehicle
  Identification Algorithm
• Supports recognition of unlicensed cars and
  real-time monitoring of available parking lots

Parking Guidance Camera


Parking Guidance Controller

• 100/1000M adaptive RJ45 Network Port * 5
• Supports reverse car tracking system


•19-inch LCD touch-screen
• Exquisite design and simple installation

Vehicle Search Kiosk