Video Parking Guidance System

The ZK smart parking solution is designed for busy and high-volume parking lots, offering clients and users precise parking guidance with indicators, displays, and vehicle searching kiosks. Therefore, drivers can directly follow indications to go to available parking bays quickly.

Parking Guidance Camera


  • Built-in license plate and vehicle identification algorithm
  • Adopt starlight level sensor for dark or dull environments
  • Supports 7 colors configured
  • Support Onvif protocol, could connect with NVR



  • 100/1,000M adaptive RJ45 network port * 5
  • 24V DC power output supporting 16-channel camera
  • Reverse car tracking system

Indoor Parking Guidance

DS 1/2/3

  • Single number in green, clearly visible in strong sunlight
  • Display of available parking lot number from 000 to 999
  • Three arrow directions available

Vehicle Search Kiosk


  • 19-inch LCD touch screen
  • Exquisite design
  • Search for the vehicle location and the shortest path to the vehicle by directly inputting the license plate number

Outdoor Parking Guidance


  • One main lightbox plus 1 to 3 lines of display area
  • The main lightbox displays “Available Lots” or other
    customized content
  • Content in other lightboxes and numbers per row is
    customizable as well
  • Each green number could go from 000 to 999


Video parking guidance will solve social problems related to parking lots, including traffic congestion, slow parking, slow payment, parking difficulties, and difficulty finding cars and optimizing parking resources in or around shopping malls, airports, and other public places.

Shopping Malls
Commercial Buildings