Ultrasonic Parking Guidance System

The Ultrasonic Parking Guidance System is a recent trend in the smart management of parking lots. It primarily consists of Ultrasonic Parking Space Detector, Controller, Guidance Display Screen and System Management software. The design is simple, and the communication between each device is RS485. The system will substantially increase the parking utilization rate, mitigate congestion, improve the management of the parking lot, and encourage the rapid detection of the parking space by the driver.

Common Challenges in Parking Lots

Ultrasonic Parking Guidance System Solution Design

Ultrasonic Parking Guidance System Architecture

Key Features of Ultrasonic Parking Guidance System

Accuracy of Parking Spaces

The Entry Parking Guidance Display screen, located at the main entrance of the parking lot, shows the available parking lots on each floor. It gives timely instructions to the driver and helps to park vehicles without any mess. Through this application, car traffic at the parking lot entrance would be substantially reduced, increasing the revenue of the parking space. It adopts outdoor lighting technology and retains high precision even in sunlight. It is waterproof and anti-rust, possessing an indispensable lifetime.

Clear LED Guidance for Parking

The parking guide screen placed at the intersection of the main indoor channel can provide prompt guidance to the driver. This helps in the rapid parking of vehicles, avoiding the search for parking spaces and congestion, which results in the full use of parking space.

Ultrasonic Parking Space Detector

The parking space indicator on the front of each parking space shows two different colors to indicate the parking space occupancy. Red means there is no space available, and green means the parking space is available.

Key Technology

Ultrasonic Detection

ZKTeco’s Parking Space indicator is suitable for indoor installation. It detects the presence of cars through ultrasonic waves, and the detection range can be adjusted according to different installation heights.

Management Center

Real-time Monitor

• Round the clock monitoring of entrance and parking lot status
• Supports remote opening of barrier gates and manual release
  of specific cars

Centralized Management

• Parking spaces can be easily configured on the map
• Efficient configuration and monitoring of all devices


Parking Space Management

The lighting of the detector can be adjusted according
to the parking time. Users can view the parking occupancy
status at any time.

Parking Statistics

Statistical reports are generated for total parking time, parking revenue rate, parking flow and many more data.


Product Introduction


License Plate Recognition Camera

• Life-time service for Algorithm updates
• Free SDK


• High reliability and long life
• Quick and stable
• Minimum maintenance
• Chassis equipped with traffic light

High Performance Fast Barrier Gate


Vehicle Detection Radar

• Anti-smash and automatic boom 
  closing function
• Adjustable detection range


UHF 6 Pro

• Reading range up to 18m
• Long-distance permanent vehicle
  access management
• Supports 865MHz to 868MHz and
  902MHz to 928MHz

Ultra-Long Range RFID Reader

InBio Pro

Access Controller

• Advanced built-in Access Controller
• Internal Biometric Identification


• Clear Display of available parking spaces
• Representation in form of arrows and digits
  from 000 to 999

Entry Parking Guidance Display


Indoor Parking Guidance Display

• Clear Display of available parking spaces
• Representation in form of arrows (three
  directions available) and digits from
  000 to 999


· Adopts ultrasonic detection, suitable for
  indoor installation
· Two wires to show three different colors
· Adjustable detection range

Ultrasonic Packing Space Detector


Master Controller

• 100/1000M adaptive RJ45 Network Port * 5
• Supports reverse car tracking system