Ultrasonic Parking Guidance System

The ultrasonic parking guidance system can significantly improve the parking space utilization rate, reduce congestion, improve the parking lot’s management level, and help drivers quickly find a parking space, which is the trend of intelligent management of parking lots.

Parking Space Detector


  • Adopt ultrasonic detecting for indoor hoisting
  • Wide voltage range design to overcome voltage drop caused by engineering wiring
  • Two wires for three kinds of color indicating controlling, to save engineering wiring
  • Detecting range can be set up to adapt to the different installation height



  • The master controller is installed in the central control room. It is the first layer of a three-layer network in the parking guidance system. It can manage all equipment in the entire system, data controlling, handling, and issuing. It can work offline independently.
  • The section controller is used to collecting data from the region controller and forward the data to the master controller. It is the second layer of the three-layer network in the parking guidance system.
  • The region controller is the third controller of the three-layer network in the Parking Guidance system. It downlinks the parking space detector, display screen, guidance arrow, etc. It regularly detects the status of sensors and transmits related information to the section controller.

Hoisting Guidance Display


This hoisting parking guidance display of the remaining parking number placed at the indoor main passages’ intersection gives the driver real-time visual guidance prompt and rapid distribution of vehicles. It helps avoid straying occupied parking space and congestion and uses the parking resources the maximum efficiency.

Entry Parking Guidance


The entry parking guidance display placed at the main entrance of a parking lot shows the drivers the remaining parking number on each floor. It will guide the driver timely. In this way, it helps avoid traffic congestion at the parking lot entrance and increases the parking space occupied rate. The screen is waterproof and anti-rust. Characters could be read clearly under strong sunlight too.


The parking guidance system is mainly suitable for large and medium-sized underground parking lots. It is widely used in public parking lots such as government office buildings, railway stations, and shopping centers.

Shopping Malls
Commercial Buildings