DC Brush Motor Barrier Gate

P-Series is the latest, high-performance, high stable, and maintenance-free barrier gate that adopts the efficient DC Brush motor. The opening/closing speed is up to 1s. It is a perfect choice for handling the entrance and exit of parking.

Brand New Design Crafted for Users

With a variety of patents, the design is simple and successful. P15 is a perfect choice for parking management due to its excellent efficiency and high stability.

MCBF ≥ 2M Times

Efficient transmission structure without spring ensures long-lasting and stable operation of the product.

24V DC Brush Motor

Interactive LED Design

Telescopic Boom

RS485 Communication

Accelerated and Adjustable Speed

P15 adopts a high-performance DC Brush motor to increase the boom’s opening/closing speed up to 1.5s and can be easily changed on the mainboard. The boom can be spliced
to fit the requirements, thus easing transportation costs and reducing transportation costs.

Changing the Boom Direction is So Easy

Exceptional mechanical design to interchange left and right directions, making on-site installation and storage convenient and fast.

Change Boom’s Direction 

There are no more complications in adjusting the structure. Press the code on the PCB control board to change the direction of the boom effortlessly.

Temperature Compensation Device

Addresses the issue of irregular stop positions of the boom due to different temperatures and periods so that the boom’s closing position is horizontal all the time.

ZKTeco focuses primarily on addressing the challenges faced by consumers.

Core Patent

Telescopic Boom

The boom can be spliced as per the client’s requirements to reduce transportation costs and difficulties caused by a long boom.

Dynamic Digital Control Board

Provides several interfaces and has a range of built-in features to suit various application scenarios.

RS485 Communication

Instruction Cache

PCB High Temperature Control

Maintenance Reminder

Delay in Automatic Close

Technical Specifications



Fastest Speed


(Max. supported length)


                                               Boom Type

Splice Boom

Default Direction of the Boom

Left (Direction can be changed easily)


2 millions

Remote Opening Distance

60 meters

Power Supply

110V/ 220V AC

Power Consumption


Temperature Range

-18°C to 65°C (Heater optional)

Chassis Size

273*214*927 mm




P15 Data Sheet

P15 User Manual

1.67 MB


3.50 MB