License Plate Recognition System

The LPR system is designed to identify the moving license plate in a challenging environment accurately, take photos of license plates, and send data to the software in real-time. The software will automatically determine whether or not to grant access to the vehicle. It can be easily customized to manage vehicles manually with software and to apply charging rules as required.

Common Challenges at the Entrance and Exit of Car Parks

Licence Plate Recognition System Solution Design

License Plate Recognition System Architecture

License Plate Recognition System Scenario

Key Technology

License Plate Recognition

The License Plate Recognition Technology is based on the real-time application of computer video image recognition technology for license plate identification. The license plate is recognized by incorporating a license plate recognition algorithm and various processes such as license plate extraction, image processing, region location, tilt correction, binarization, character segmentation, feature extraction, and database matching. The final outputs are license plate number, color, and other related information.

Management Center

Real-time Monitoring

• Round the clock monitoring of entrance and parking lot status
• Supports remote opening of barrier gates and manual release
  of specific cars

Toll Center

• Charges according to various types of vehicles
• Customized charging rules


Visual Data Presentation

• Vehicle entrance and exit report
• Parking flow monitoring
• Daily/ month income statistics

System Integration

ZKBioSecurity platform provides standard interfaces to license plate management. License plate recognized data from the camera communicates to the central management server in predefined intervals.


Product Introduction


License Plate Recognition Camera

• Life-time service for Algorithm updates
• Free SDK


• High reliability and long life
• Quick and stable
• Minimum maintenance
• Chassis equipped with traffic light

High Performance Fast Barrier Gate


Vehicle Detection Radar

• Anti-smash and automatic boom 
  closing function
• Adjustable detection range

ZKBioSecurity V5000

• Various types of car parking management
• Real-time monitor
• Visual data presentation analysis

Web-based Security Platform